Terms and Conditions of Hire

A booking fee of $500 of the total hire charge is to be paid upon booking. Any cancellations must be made more than 60 days prior to the hire date or the booking fee will be forfeited.

The total hire fee is to be paid prior to departure. (Personal cheques are accepted but must be cleared prior to departure.)

A security bond of $1500 is to be paid prior to departure. The bond will be refunded within 7 days of return and following inspection of the van and contents. The cost of any breakages, cleaning charges or necessary repairs (other than normal wear and tear) will be deducted from the bond.

In the event of an accident resulting in a claim against the insurance policy of West Coast Caravan Hire, the bond will be forfeited in full.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that t he caravan and its contents are returned in the same state as when the hire period commenced. A cleaning fee of $100 will apply if the van is not returned clean. Mattress protectors are provided and are to be laundered prior to return . Failure to do so will attract a cleaning fee of $22/unit.

Gas bottles are to be returned full which can be filled at any camping store. A receipt will be required upon return of Caravan. Failure to do so will incur a $30 refilling fee.

For shower/toilet vans, the toilet cassette must be emptied and rinsed out prior to return. Failure to do so will attract a fee of $200.

Towing vehicles must be suited to towing the van being hired. West Coast Caravan Hire reserves the right to refuse hire should the towing vehicle not comply.

Towing vehicles must be fitted with an electric brake unit or alternatively a mobile brake unit must be hired with the van, at a fee of $30/week.

Towing vehicles have to have comprehensive insurance and be registered according to state law. Details of insurance have to be provided prior to departure.

The driver of the towing vehicle has to be over 25 years of age, must present a copy of a current drivers licence and have no convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is not permissible to carry or to fix any item to the roof, A-frame or rear bumper bar of the hired caravan. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the security bond.

Smoking is not permitted inside the caravan. If the caravan needs to be deodorised due to any odours including smoking, a fee of $75 will be charged.

Pets are not permitted inside the caravan.

Heavy items (e.g. generators) are not to be stored on the floor of the caravan.

In the event of an accident West Coast Caravan Hire is to be notified as soon as practicable after the event. Accidents involving the caravan are to be reported to the police and a full report obtained. This includes theft of the caravan or equipment. If there is an accident involving another vehicle the hirer must endeavour to obtain the following information:
– Make, model and registration of any vehicle involved,
– The full name, address, driver licence and insurance company details of the person/persons involved,
– Name and address of any witnesses present.

Any damage to the van, other than fair wear and tear, will be to the cost of the hirer and be deducted from the security bond.

The hirer agrees that West Coast Caravan Hire shall not be liable or accountable for any costs due to inconvenience , theft of equipment or as a result of damage during the hire period including but not limited to meals, flights, car hire, accommodation, phone calls or any other costs incurred by the hirer.

The hirer agrees that West Coast Caravan Hire shall not be held liable for any damage to persons and /or property in regards to the hirer’s use of the caravan.

The hired vehicle is to be towed only on sealed roads. The hired vehicle must not be towed on 4 wheel drive roads or tracks. Damage caused due to contravention of this condition of hire is to be met entirely by the hirer.

If caravan is damaged and becomes an insurance claim, you are liable for $2500 excess.